Wapps Mobile Games presents:

Planet Attack mobile Game from Wapps

Planet Attack Tycoon

Planet Attack Tycoon is a funny Ufo idle game! Collect as many cows, tractors, barns, windmills as possible. You will be rewarded for every collected object. Collect as many things as you can to upgrade your UFO. A little hint: The goal is to collect the entire world!

Pull Magnet Mobile Game icon

Pull Magnet

Pull Magnet on a iPhoneX, greate mobile Game by Wapps

Pull Magnet is a funny casual game!

Shoot the little magnet ball through a picture and collect all pixels. The best is, you can also take a picture and collect your own pixels 🙂 

There are over 100 levels to discover in the game + the levels you create with your camera.

Fruit Mixers Icon

Fruit Mixers

Fruit Mixers is a fun fruit slicer game!

Tap at the perfect moment to cut the required fruits. The knife races down to smash your fruits into the mixer. Mix your favorite cocktails and reach the next level. But be careful the cocktail does not taste good if you get the wrong fruit!

paint icon

Paint Connect

Unboxing 3D 

Everyone loves when a long-awaited package finally arrives! Today is this day, every day! In unboxing 3d you get delivered virtual packages to play and assemble! Be curious what the next package is!

Tennis chief app icon

Tennis Chief

Tennis Chief 

You love to play tennis? Or you would like to play tennis? Then you will have fun with tennis chief. Now you can even play tennis from your couch! Face the challenges and unlock the best tennis players for free!

Shup 3d game icon

Shup 3D

Shup 3D is the next generation of my successful game Shup Z-Ball Shatter!  Easy one-hand control!

Shup 3D is a smashingly fun physics-based puzzle shooter that boasts pleasant visuals, great gameplay and tons of varied levels. Be captivated by the soothing effect of shattering objects in a thousands of pieces, but beware! Do not waste all of your ammo immediately, this game requires tactics! And yeah ist really true, shards bring good fortune!!

Duck pond idle icon

Duck Pond Idle

Duck Pond idle!

Unlock Pond-Tables and get rich by upgrading them to money machines!

Children fish for ducks, each duck they catch brings virtual money! You can increase your virtual income by adding new spots and upgrading speed and price for each duck.

by Thomas Waghubinger